Hi Juli,
I wanted to let you know how much my husband Dave and I appreciated your staging consultation before we put our house on the market (October 2014).  We had lived in our home for 10 years, made a lot of updates and personalized it to our tastes and family’s needs.  We knew that putting our home on the real estate market would be a big step, and we called our friend and real estate agent Dawn, to help us with this task.  When she brought you to our home, you very professionally (but compassionately) went room to room, and made recommendations on what to keep out, what to move into storage, and what to re-arrange.  Although my husband said to me “we can just take part of her advice, right?” - - because you had a very long list of recommendations - - we tried very hard to follow ALL of your advice.  We did paint over some of our more colorful walls in neutral tones.  We did put some of our furniture into storage, and we took down all of our personal photographs and mementos, in an effort to ensure our house would look appealing to a diverse set of eyes.  There were so many tips you provided to us to mention here!!!  After following all of your advice, we had a professional photographer take photos to display how fabulous our house really looked.  Before we these were posted to the MRIS database, I shared these photos with some friends and colleagues, who commented, “why would you ever want to move out of that house?!!  It’s gorgeous!!!”
From the time we put the home on the market, to the time we signed settlement papers, only 40 days had passed. 
My husband and I keep on hearing that the real estate market is tough these days. I suppose there may be some truth to it, but if more sellers were to consult with good stagers (and follow their recommendations!) before they posted pictures on the internet, I think they would have a lot more success with their efforts.
Please let us know if you’d like us to provide any recommendations to real estate agents or buyers who may be considering using your services.  We really were thrilled with your work.
Kind regards,
Chrissie G.

Hi Juli:

I spent the afternoon at the property yesterday taking more pictures and I can't thank you enough - the house and apartment look so much better! The changes in paint color, furniture placement, getting rid of clutter, personal pictures, etc. make such a difference.

I really think you will help us get the property sold this time. I only wish I had reached out to you last year!

Thanks again, and I hope we can work together again soon.

Marci W.