Perfect for the do-it-yourself type, we walk with you through your home and point out things that need to be changed, edited, moved, or rearranged to improve each room’s overall appearance. We provide suggestions on creating a focal point and bringing out the best features of each room as well as suggest any home improvements or upgrades needed. You take notes and complete the work on your own. 


This option is for someone looking for guided step-by-step instructions on how to best spend your home improvement dollars. After touring the home during the consultation, we will prepare a detailed, room-by-room Staging Plan with photos of what needs to be done prior to listing your home for sale. After receipt of the Staging Plan, you can then complete the work on your own by following the detailed checklist.

For either option above, should you decide to have us complete the staging for you, we will discuss with you the staging process and prepare a proposal based on the number of hours it will take to complete the job. We can also rent accessories, artwork and some furniture items to make it a completely finished look.


Photos say a million words, so getting a home's photos correct the first time is a must in this internet-driven world. We go through the home during the photo shoot, but a step ahead of the photographer, and move/arrange/remove items to make the spaces look their best, and then put the items back when the photographer is finished.


Prepare to see amazing transformations to the home! This option is ideal for smaller homes. We will roll up our sleeves and spend a half day staging the main areas of the home. This includes re-arranging furniture/artwork/accessories, de-cluttering and de-personalizing to complete the look. If necessary, an action plan of additional tasks will be provided that should be completed prior to listing the house.



A full day will be needed for those homes in need of a little extra attention or homes larger than 2000 square feet. We will roll

up our sleeves and spend a full day staging the main areas of the home. This includes re-arranging furniture/artwork/accessories, de-cluttering and de-personalizing to complete the look. If necessary, an action plan of additional tasks will be provided that should be completed prior to listing the house.


VACANT STAGING - Free Estimates

Buyers don’t buy houses, they buy homes. We add just the right amount of furniture and accessories to create the feeling of home and leave buyers with a vision of how their furniture will fit into each room. During our initial meeting, we will discuss the budget and do a detailed tour of the home. We then coordinate with local furniture rental partners to select furniture that best suits the home.

A full day or more will be spent at the home ensuring smooth furniture delivery and adding needed accessories in the form of bed linens, artwork, plants, pillows, and other accessories in order to complete the look and make the house into a home. When the home is sold, an additional day will be spent “de-staging” the home and ensuring smooth pick up of rental furniture and accessories. Vacant staging consists of a one-time staging service fee, and a monthly furniture and accessory rental fee.



One Room - $175  /  Full Day - $500

Interior redesign is an economical way to add new life to your home!  We offer either a one room redesign where we tackle

one room or a full day redesign where we address a few areas of the home. We will work with the furniture and accessories

you already own and use them in new, creative ways to give a fresh makeover to your living space. If needed, we can also

shop for additional furniture and accessories needed to complete the final look. You will be amazed at the transformation!

​INTERIOR DECORATING - Design fees start at $500

We help choose paint colors, textures, furniture, fabrics, flooring, lighting and accessories - everything relating to decorating

your space in the new style you desire. 


1-2 Rooms - $50  /  3-4 Rooms - $75  /  5-6 Rooms - $100  /  7+ Rooms - $125

Choosing the perfect palate for your home decor can be intimidating. We'll make the process easy and fun! 


An empty house is like a blank slate. Moving in presents you with the perfect opportunity to start from scratch, or use some

of your current pieces in addition to some new ones. Planning ahead will ensure you get your home done quickly so you can

enjoy it from the start.

HOME DECOR SHOPPING - $60/hour - 2 hour minimum

Saving you time and money, we can quickly pull together complementary pieces that beautifully fit your room, lifestyle and budget. We love the challenge of finding furniture, artwork, rugs and accessories that reflect your personality and interests,

and always keep an eye out for that special something out of the ordinary!


Gift certificates are available for all the services we offer. Our gift certificates come boxed, lined with tissue paper and tied with

a ribbon for a beautiful presentation. Consider giving someone special a Savvy Staging and Décor gift certificate...they're the perfect gift for a Birthday, New Homeowner, Celebration, Anniversary, Holiday, Thank You...or Just Because!


SAVVY STAGING AND DÉCOR offers a variety of staging services to fit each individual’s needs and budget. Services offered include consultations for those who are looking for detailed, expert direction or an unbiased opinion. For those homes in need of a little extra attention, we offer full-service staging where we work with what furnishings the home seller has, and can add the necessary pieces and accessories to complete the finished look.